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Bring a modern Windows desktop to your existing PC or Chromebook deployments  with vSpace Pro Client. Once installed, connect to your vSpace Pro Server and
enjoy a secure, modern Windows desktop without the expense of switching  or upgrading hardware. vSpace Pro Client provides a high-performance PC  experience to Chromebooks and PCs. Schools and businesses can leverage  new investments in affordable Chromebooks, utilize existing PCs or bring  their own devices in a secure, fully managed computing solution for all their Windows applications.

Available to all Windows® and Chromebook™ users, vSpace Pro Client extends user access to a centrally managed, high-performance Windows desktop computing environment without the expense of switching or upgrading hardware. vSpace Pro Client for Windows enables customers to reach users with remote, mobile or legacy PCs  and expand vSpace Pro Server desktop virtualization to any Windows computing device.  vSpace Pro Client for Chromebook enables customers to continue accessing key Windows-only  applications as well as web apps utilizing Java or Silverlight, encouraging a hybrid user experience that  captures the benefits of both Chrome OS and Windows on one device. Applications that previously  could not be supported on a Chromebook now run seamlessly, just like on a PC.

The vSpace Platform allows many different devices to securely access managed virtual desktops from anywhere with a network connection, LAN or WiFi. A users managed desktop can be accessed through vSpace Pro Client from any PC or Chromebook, or on any one of NComputing’s low-cost vSpace thin clients. Say goodbye to the panic that ensues with user hardware crashes. Users Windows desktops and applications are managed centrally on vSpace Pro Server, our proprietary virtualization engine. Reliable, efficient and scalable, a single server can support up to 100 concurrent users. Need more users? Add another vSpace Pro Server. With vSpace Pro Client the 70,000 and growing global customers of NComputing’s vSpace Platform  have the flexibility to extend and scale their vSpace solution beyond the 5-million plus users, who use their NComputing vSpace thin clients on a daily basis, for their Windows desktops and applications.

SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS AND CHROMEBOOK Allows Chromebook’s and Windows PC’s to connect to vSpace Pro Server hosts and provide users a high performance PC-like Windows experience
CONNECTS TO VSPACE PRO SERVER Provides access to NComputing’s centralized, managed virtual desktop environments
USER CONFIGURATION PROFILES Administrator defined user experience settings for server connectiivity, failover, audio, video, automatic login
FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS Connect at distance via Ethernet LAN or WiFi
HOST-OPTIMIZED VIDEO ACCELERATION Automatic video transcoding, streaming and scaling up to 1920×1200 resolution at full frame rates with 24bit color.
VCAST STREAMING NComputing vCAST Streaming reduces server-side CPU usage for streaming media like Youtube as well as local media content without the need for expensive GPUs. By utilizing network bandwidth instead of the server CPU, vCAST provides for better media streaming and allows for more concurrent users per server.