LEAF OS by NComputing is a small Linux-based operating system providing the basis for thin client computing. It enables users to securely access virtual desktops using their personal computers, including out-of-date x86-64 PCs and laptops.

Deployable in two different configurations, LEAF OS gives you both permanent and temporary access to secure computing environments. First LEAF OS can be run from a USB drive. USB booting leaves the user’s existing operating system, files, and hard drive untouched while providing an ideal environment for workfrom- home use cases. When users finish their work, a simple reboot to their native OS restores their device to personal use. For a more permanent installation LEAF OS can be installed directly on the hard drive converting the host computer into a powerful thin client.

LEAF OS devices are managed by PMC Endpoint Manager software, a powerful solution for IT administrators to manage all devices from a browser including LAN and WAN network deployments, locations behind firewalls and NAT-routers.

LEAF OS is compatible with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365 Cloud PC, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), vSpace Pro Enterprise and VERDE VDI.

LEAF OS includes select local applications that run on the device, not through a virtualization platform. Direct access to the web via the Chromium Browser eliminates virtualization lag. Microsoft Teams and Zoom both benefit from direct audio/video relay eliminating common concerns of web conferencing through virtual platforms. LEAF OS controls both the availability of these apps and their deployment method, with Guest Mode an option for Kiosklike use.